Aetertek AT-216 550M Pet Dog Training Collar Completely Waterproof Rechargeable Electric Shock Remote Trainer for 1 2 3 Dogs


Aetertek AT-216 550M Pet Dog Training Collar Completely Waterproof Rechargeable Electric Shock Remote Trainer for 1 2 3 Dogs

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Aetertek AT-216 550M Completely waterproof Rechargeable Electric Shock Pet Dog Training Collar Trainer for 1 2 3 Dogs

Dogs are men’s best friends. They are great as pets but can behave undesirably or even out of control. Dogs can bark loudly and excessively. They can be overly friendly by jumping on people. Some dogs love to chase cars,cats,and people. Some dogs even love hole-digging in the yard. They can have all kinds of bad behaviors, you name it.



Choose the Right Training Tool


Fortunately dogs can be trained to behave as good dogs. This can be accomplished by a variety of training methods and tools including remote dog training collars. Our dog training collar models are simple in design, intuitive in operation and very affordable money-wise. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to get an expensive trainer while this trainer can absolutely achieve the same or even faster and better results. If you are looking for a super easy to use, effective, and well-made dog training collar, you are at the right place. We offer 30 day money back guarantee or all your money back. No question asked. Please take a few minutes to read the following descriptions of this remote dog collar system. We are confident that you will love it. Or at least it worth a risk-free try! You may read our feedback and will find so many happy customers.


Aetertek Remote Dog Trainer Model AT-216: 


  • Can be used as 1 dog, 2 dog, or 3 dog training system(you can upgrade it to a 2, or 3-dog training system by adding 1  or 2 extra collars)

  • Vibration, tone, and corrective shock can be used separately

  • 7 Levels of progressive shock ( adjusts both in intensity and duration), lower level for small and sensitive dogs while higher levels for large stubborn dog

  • 1 level of strong humane vibration(very effective, works on over 90% dogs, also great for deaf dogs

  • 1 Level of beep ton

  • Water waterproof and rechargeable collar receive

  • Range of up to 600 yards (approx. 550 meters) and signal can pass through obstacles, such as walls and fences;


About the Transmitter:




Remote dog training shock collar remote with friendly design with easy-to-push button


  • Large buttons for easy access and operation


  • Size: LxWxH: approx 11cmx5cmx2.5cm;    Weight: approx 110g/3.7oz (including battery and antenna)


  • Battery: 9V





  • Heavy duty and completely waterproof, weatherproof, indoor or  outdoors such as hunting


  • Rechargeable with a built-in long lasting battery for consistent power supply


  • Long and short prongs for all coat types


  • Top quality PU collar (around 2.5cm wide) with adjustable length from approx 22 cm to 60 cm (8"-24")


  • Size of Collar Unit: LxWxH: approx 7cmx3.5cmx2cm


  • Receiver weight: approx 60g/2.4oz;


Package Contents:


  • AT-216 multi-functional transmitter


  • Heavy duty  waterproof collar receiver with built-in rechargeable battery


  • AC Power adapter


  • High quality adjustable PU dog collar


  • Test bulb and  metal prongs


  • User’s manual


  • Durable carry-and-go storage bag;





Is the shock correction safe?


It is safe when used according to the instructions. It is an unpleasant sensation for the animal, but completely harmless. Always interact with your dog during training by giving verbal cues, reinforcements and praise to ensure the most effective training with this product.


Is there an age or size limit for the AETERTEK AT-216 Dog Training System?


Your dog should be old enough to learn basic commands such as “sit” or “stay” which, depending on the dog, is typically about 6 months old. Sick or feeble dogs should never use this system.


Can I use the training collar to eliminate aggressive behavior?


Not recommended for aggressive dogs but you are welcome to try. 30 days money back guarantee is what we offer so that you will get nothing to lose. If not working on your case, contact your local professional trainers for advice.


Is the receiver waterproof?


Yes. The collar receiver is heavy duty and completely waterproof and submersible, specially designed to be worn outdoors day after day without problems.




Additional information


550 Meters / 600Yards

Three Mode

Static, Vibration, Beep

Levels of vibration & static

7 Levels

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Training & Behaviour Aids

Model Number

Remote Pet Dog Training Collar

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Dog Training Collar